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They say, creativity comes from heart and not mind. I believe that creativity is soulful thing which has a strong connection with mind and heart. It takes one’s soul to spot out the hidden beauty or to turn an odd into gem. What are your thoughts, by the way?

In today’s modern world, creative thinking is in both demand and need more than ever before. Not just now different business is in search of creative minds to increase their worth in the marketplace, but the kinds of complex social problems we do come across also require a good dose of creativity.

Music is known to be the language of a very soul. It adds color and spice in our lives. However, musical creativity and imagination are among the most abstract and complex aspects of human behavior. Recently, a new study explores music as a great source of creativity. Music has also been shown to improve cognition and boost learning and memory which has an overall impact on creative thinking too.

Well, when it comes to music, people associate it with the God gifted skills. Honestly, for me it’s more an exploration than just skills. It’s a creation which one composes after a self-exploration. In fact, many people indulge themselves in the music education because they think that it is the best way of enhancing creative thinking.

Now, schools are giving proper music education to children so, they can improve their creativity skills.  Although it is not that much easy, there are different ways by which students can increase their creativity. There are many writing services like that are also helping students while they acquire music education.

In this post, we have listed four different ways you can use to be more creative. All of the following points will force you to be more creative and also you can enjoy your music education.

Restrict Yourself to Five Musical Instruments:

One of the best ways to be creative is to impose strict restrictions on ourselves. It is natural to assume that the more options we have the more creative we will be. However, this leads to endless changes while working on the trivial rather than producing actual music. Do limit yourself with five instruments. Like for example, clap, hat, kick, piano, and plucked bass. Remember that drums don’t count as one instrument.

Compose with Sine Waves:

There is nothing better than the sweet sound of a sine wave. Composing music with sine waves is enjoyable and somehow challenging too. It is because it compels you to think outside the box and up come with something creative and innovative. This means that you have to pay close attention to octaves and how low should be your baseline? How high on the register should be your melody? All of these things need creativity and thus while learning music you must consider this point too.

Secondly, another great thing about composing with sine waves is that it makes your mixing process a lot easier. So, what are you waiting for? Do give it a try and increases your level of creativity.

Use Sounds you Hate:

It is easy to search through different samples and find sounds which fit perfectly with the rest of your tracks. You should do that while you produce music but when you aim at producing creative music then things should be carried out in a bit different manner. For being creative, we use quality material. This means you just don’t rely on your favorite track, but should also try the ones which you don’t like at all. Find it, cringe it for a moment and then see how to make it work effectively for the rest of the track. It is suggested not to do with every single project. But you can practice it to enhance your creative skills.

Produce a Track by Setting a time Limit:

To be creative while learning music, set a deadline for producing your tracks. The main reason why producers don’t finish tracks on time is because they never set a deadline for their work. There is no real pressure for them to finish the track and at the back of their mind they think that if they don’t finish it on time so, life goes on as normal. Therefore, when they reaches any challenging moment during the creation of music so, they simply give up and move on a new project.

However, you can’t do the same thing as you are in the learning phase. Giving yourself a set time will let you to open up your mind and think in a creative manner.

Creativity is always important no matter which field of subject you study. But, when it comes to music so, you need to be extraordinary creative. Follow the above-mentioned tips and boost up your creativity skills while you learn music.